If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2 of this Compendium yet, I encourage you to do so first.

You already know how to distinguish between a correction and the end of a bull market. You also know how to detect market manipulation by observing the behavior of big players and miners. Part 3 will make you understand how blockchain-based projects work and why everyone says it’s the future.

You will learn to use decentralized applications to your own benefit so that you can earn passively on them, even 20% per year!

That’s right, in the world we all know it is impossible because we use intermediaries like banks or brokers who take the lion’s share of our profits.

DEFI – i.e., decentralized finance allows for passive investment of funds without any intermediaries. We don’t have to pay for the maintenance of huge skyscrapers, thousands of employees or cover the costs of marketing. Thanks to DEFI, all profit goes directly to us.

These solutions will make your stablecoins earn not only when they are awaiting the next correction but also during a bear market! Learn from this e-book how to use these solutions!

Table of contents of part 3

Access to the E-book

This e-book is available for $29.99 (including 5% VAT).

Cheaper in the bundle

You can also buy a package consisting of Part 2 and Part 3 at a promotional price $49.99 (including 5% VAT) instead of $59.98 (including 5% VAT) if you were buying these e-books separately.


Bitcoin - Compendium of knowledge - Part 2

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